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19.2.2013 15.30 - Carlos No “This Way Only # 1”

Galleria Maaret Finnbergin mukana Art Helsinki 2012 messuilla olleen portugalilaisen taiteilijan Carlos No teos "This this_way_only_galleria_maaret_finnbergWay Only #1" sarjasta "Europe" on valittu "America Where?" kirjan kansikuvaksi. Teokseen voi edelleen tutustua halutessaan, sillä kyseinen teos on edelleen gallerialla. "This Way Only # 1" oli nähtävillä myös syksyn taidemessuilla osastollamme.

“America Where?” is a book with an ensemble of essays from American studies scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. The articles address changing representations of America in their many and mutual transnational exchanges in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  

Paying attention to the geopolitical, social, and cultural issues in America and Europe under themes like atlanticism, neo-liberalism, transnationalism, border, racism, this book tries to answer questions about the location of America in our time. How does this America – secular nation in the economic and political world, enormously charged with symbolic power – present itself today in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres?  

Carlos No